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Moisture Remediation in Berkley, CA

Although solid, concrete is in fact porous. Water can be wicked up by concrete and move through it. Along the way, the water absorbs salts in the concrete and transports them to the surface. Once the water reaches the surface and evaporates, the salts are left behind. This creates the unsightly white product that often forms on concrete called efflorescence. To stop efflorescence, you need concrete moisture remediation.

Water comes up through the concrete for a number of reasons that do not involve leaky pipes. The kind of soil and amount of rainfall can influence the height of ground water. The presence of springs or near-surface aquifers can create water reservoirs under your business or home. And a nearby lake, river or stream could influence the water content in the soil, especially if your foundation is below the level of the high water mark.

What To Do About Efflorescence

Some water issues are serious enough that in addition to sealing the concrete, you additionally need to take other measures outside the structure. But if the problem is just in the concrete, our epoxy sealing method is sufficient to waterproof the concrete. Then you can confidently install tile, carpet, laminate, or wood floors.

For epoxy sealants, the age of the concrete generally does not matter as long as it is stable. Epoxy coatings dry quickly, limiting delays, but it cannot be applied to brand new concrete until the material is fully set. To learn more about moisture remediation for concrete foundations, talk to West Coast Epoxy for assistance in Berkley.
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