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Trowel Grade Epoxy in Yuba City, CA

If Endurance is a Demand

Trowel Grade EpoxyTrowel grade epoxy is the ultimate concrete coating for thickness and toughness! For heavy-duty workshops, industrial buildings, chemical plants, and factories, trowel grade epoxies are finest. They endure more mass, corrodents, and traffic. If your concrete meets with much punishment, it needs a trowel grade epoxy coating!

A point about trowel grade epoxy is that as it is thicker, curing time is commonly essential. There are simultaneously ideal conditions for installing trowel grade flooring.

  • Above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the epoxy can harden in eight to twelve hours’ time and the protective clear coat that goes on top will harden in the same space of time. At that time, it is OK to walk on the epoxy floor, but the final curing specifies 7 days.
  • Under 70 degrees Fahrenheit, it takes added time for sufficient curing.
  • Below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, the thickness of a trowel grade epoxy coating really should not be tried. Therefore, this is usually a late spring, summer, or early fall job.

Trowel grade coatings are not for do-it-yourself fans! Skill and experience are required, as well as professional troweling equipment. That is why West Coast Epoxy is here for clients in Yuba City to use the correct materials and teams to do the job when trowel grade coats are specified. For additional details, ring us at 916-531-1874 or try our online request form.
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