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Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Lincoln, CA

Industrial Epoxy Coatings

Industrial installations demand concrete floors that are stronger than average. Large equipment, constant traffic, possible spills and the need for a clean workplace mandate that the floor be coated to prevent undue stains, safety hazards, and wear. In consideration of industrial needs, epoxy scientists designed coatings to confront these heavy duty issues. With expertise from West Coast Epoxy, companies in Lincoln can take advantage of these modern flooring materials to protect their building foundations.

What Industrial Epoxy Needs

Extra durability is the common expectation for industrial level flooring. Such treatment demands the thickest applications of epoxy coatings. This often means trowel grade epoxies that are made to be extra durable. The benefit of such material is that it better withstands surface stressors and strengthens the top layer of concrete with closely interconnected polymers that act as a barrier to protect your building’s floor.

Chemical protection is another factor, based on the manner of industry. By adjusting the composition of an epoxy mix, coatings are made that withstand the harshest bases or acids. Other formulations protect against oils or solvents. Explain your concern and West Coast Epoxy has an industrial solution!

Of first and foremost concern is the safety of employees and visitors to your industrial work area. Epoxy coatings give the opportunity to make colored zones and lanes of traffic that clearly mark out where people, vehicles and materials should and should not be on the work floor and in warehouses. Non-slip surfaces are a must for wet or oily environments and inclines become safer if coated with rough materials. Discuss your needs for industrial floor coatings with West Coast Epoxy and they can provide the solutions and answers you want!

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