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Concrete Polishing in Lincoln, CA

Polished ConcreteConcrete polishing is an incredible way to bring shine and shimmer to concrete, creating a great first impression on your visitors. West Coast Epoxy takes staining and sealing concrete a step further with concrete polishing to give your flooring a glass like shine.

The Polished Concrete Process

Here are the steps we take to polish concrete:

  • Grinding – Grinding your existing concrete prevents flaws and allows permanent adhesion of floor sealer. During the grinding process, we utilize industrial hepa vacuums to collect dust, keeping it from settling on unwanted surfaces.
  • Leveling – Areas where deterioration is detected are refloated, ensuring the floor is level. This ensures the concrete polish is applied smoothly and evenly.
  • Staining – We don’t just surface coat, we fully infuse your flooring with your color of choice. We will also integrate a specific pattern if requested. We can hide the grain of your concrete with a heavier stain or enable the grain to shine through like polished wood by applying a translucent stain.
  • Transparent protective layer – A final sealer fills any remaining pores in the concrete further enhancing its impressive gloss. The strong bond between the translucent sealer and your concrete create a smooth finish that is very low maintenance. The higher the anticipated foot traffic, the thicker the coat of sealer we apply to protect your newly refurbished concrete.

Now that your floor is complete, you will find the surface to be colorful, reflective and easily defended against scratches, stain and wear. Maintenance of polished concrete is incredibly simple. West Coast Epoxy provides concrete polishing for homes and businesses throughout the Lincoln and Northern California area.

For more details on creating a durable, shiny concrete finish, contact the team at West Coast Epoxy of Lincoln today.

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