Concrete Stain and Seal in Lincoln, CA

Beautiful Concrete Color

Concrete StainingDrive through neighborhoods in Lincoln and you often see the same thing: large, drab driveways. They all look similar. But a residence with a colored driveway that matches the surroundings is altogether different! It is noticed because of the sparkling concrete.

West Coast Epoxy uses quality topcoat products, so our concrete staining system is suitable indoors and out. It is meant to have a useful and long life, even when exposed to direct sunlight and wet weather. Our topcoats are employed in extreme environments with excellent outcomes. They are distributed in a gloss or matte finish.

What Makes Us Unique?

West Coast Epoxy stains are acid-free, making them safer for you, our employees, animals, the concrete and the surroundings. Our techniques also work on plaster, stone or brick, providing you the option of matching those surfaces with the concrete. Many customers opt for color stains for patios, pool decks and courts.

Ask West Coast Epoxy to make your property in Lincoln stand out! We give no-cost quotations and discuss your thoughts over the phone. Please contact us to find out the beautifully unique end products from concrete staining and sealing!

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