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Concrete Polishing in Hayward, CA

Concrete PolishingIf you want your floor to be glossy, look no further than the concrete polishing methods from West Coast Epoxy in Hayward. We use modern concrete technology to stain, polish, and afterward protect your new colored concrete floor.

The Polished Concrete Process

Our treatment starts with an aggressive treatment of the concrete’s top layer to eliminate any blemishes. While grinding the concrete, we use superior industrial machines that vacuum all the dust produced to keep it off the floor and out of the environment. After grinding, parts with faults or cracks are refloated to provide a flat and solid surface. This prepares the concrete for a complete and lasting infusion with your selected color. The grinding process also ensures the strong adhesion of floor sealers that create a mirror like finish. A thick application of the clear protective coat can be requested when heavy traffic is expected.

Concrete polishing provides the best in decorative durability, for both residences and businesses, while simultaneously offering scratch and chemical resistance. This system is perfect for enterprises wanting a beautiful, stronger, and lower maintenance concrete surface in their commercial or industrial building, or for homeowners wanting a decorative floor that’s easily maintained.

If you would like to discuss your choices for adding a stronger, lustrous surface to your concrete floor, please call West Coast Epoxy in Hayward, or use our online form to request a free site examination and quote.

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