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Metallic Epoxy Flooring in Hayward, CA

Metallic FloorOne of the most common styles of paint jobs for show cars is sparkling metallic. These eye-catching paint schemes add dimensionality and depth to attract the attention and hold it! Beautiful alterations in color appear from the iridescent effects and fascinating sparkles produced by thousands of small shiny particles. Can a concrete floor equal these most impressive paint jobs? Yes! West Coast Epoxy is a metallic flooring specialist eager to add shine to your concrete floors!

What Makes the Brilliance?

West Coast Epoxy makes your customizable metallic epoxy by combining colored undercoatings with specially made metal or mica nanoparticles. Besides selecting the hues of the epoxies, you also decide upon the colors, types and sizes of sparkling flakes. Using these options, here are the effects you can create:

  • Iridescence — Visualize the feathers of a hummingbird or a peacock and you can imagine the effect of iridescence. When applied with epoxy coatings, the floor changes color, based on the source of light or viewpoint.
  • Pearlescence — Similar to iridescence, pearlescence is more subdued with the color altering effect, resembling the luster of abalone shells or pearls. This optical effect reminds you of looking through a prism or the vibrance of rainbows.
  • Sparkle — Metallic and mica particles are superior light reflectors. Increase or decrease the amount of sparkle by altering the size or number of nanoparticles in the epoxy.
  • Depth — Depending on the arrangement of the epoxy layers, and by aggregating the metal or mica flakes accordingly, your floor can come to life with a third dimension! The illusions of depth, atmosphere, movement, waves, currents, and more are suggested with the right designed use of metallic epoxies.
  • Gloss — While sparkle is like the twinkling of stars, gloss represents the reflection of light from surfaces. Epoxy flooring is known for making a quality shine, but metallic flooring takes it to a totally new level! Although much depends on the design, maximum shine is attainable with metallic flooring.

When it comes to metallic epoxies, the decision is up to you! There is absolutely nothing lacking about a standard epoxy floor. They are expressive, long-lasting, and popular. But if you desire the best that West Coast Epoxy has to provide in Hayward, ask to see our designs for metallic epoxy floors. Each one is different, and all of them are vibrant. To start designing your metalized concrete flooring, call West Coast Epoxy today!
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