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Trowel Grade Epoxy in Dixon, CA

When Strength is Wanted

Trowel Grade EpoxyWhen much traffic or higher demands are common, your epoxy flooring requires trowel grade application. It is the optimal method available for maximum endurance, creating a surface with twice the thickness of our usual home or commercial process. Floors that experience much weight, such as from heavy-duty forklifts, should be coated with trowel grade epoxy. Trowel grade also is specified where concrete contact with caustic or corrosive chemicals is common.

A caveat about trowel grade epoxy is that since it is so thick, curing time is commonly necessary. There are also ideal temperatures for installing trowel grade floors. Above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the epoxy will harden in 8-12 hours time and the protective clear coat that goes on top will solidify in the same space of time. At that point, it is safe to walk on the epoxy coat, but the full cure calls for 7 days. Below seventy degrees Fahrenheit, it takes added time for successful curing and if the temperature drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, the thickness of a trowel grade epoxy floor really should not be attempted. Thus, this is usually a late spring, summer, or early fall job.

Trowel grade epoxies are not for DIYs! Experience and skills are essential, as well as professional troweling tools. That’s why West Coast Epoxy is here for customers in Dixon to provide the right materials and teams to do the job when trowel grade epoxies are desired. For more information, call us at 916-531-1874 or try our online request form.
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