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Urethane Concrete in Dixon, CA

Urethane concrete is the strongest kind of coating that West Coast Epoxy can apply. While a trowel grade epoxy coating is very enduring, urethane concrete (also called urethane cement) is even stronger. That’s because it uses urethane to bind together an engineered cement powder that when 100% cured has the flex of epoxy combined with the strength of concrete. The thickness of urethane concrete top coats
can also be stretched to limits not attainable with plain epoxy coatings, and the material keeps its ability to be shaped for use with beveled and coved floors.

Applications for Urethane Concrete

Epoxy coats do a beautiful job of protecting concrete and lengthening its lifetime considerably. Urethane cement is even better, however, especially for guarding foundations from thermal contraction and expansion. If a floor regularly faces temperature adjustments due to weather or manufacturing, this flooring acts like an added layer protecting the underlying concrete.

Urethane Cement is Customizable

Use colored urethane concrete to match existing flooring concepts, or to finish new ones, perhaps differentiating work areas with color. West Coast Epoxy can help you pick the ideal shades based on your design. Superior protection and decoration are achieved simultaneously when you apply this modern product. If you would like assistance in Dixon with urethane concrete, call West Coast Epoxy on the phone or submit an online request for contact.
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