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Epoxy Flooring for Airplane Hangars in Dixon, CA

Airplane hanger with a plane. The flooring is epoxy coated in gray with yellow guidelines to show where the plane should sit. There is equipment around the plane for working on the plane for repairs and maintenance.Garages are the typical location for epoxy topcoats, mostly to maintain the concrete from tire marks and oil stains. One of the biggest garage spaces is actually an airplane hangar! The larger the space, the more important it is to have a skilled and experienced installer, like the crew at West Coast Epoxy in Dixon.

Airlines Request Epoxy Topcoats

When you research what aviators favor for covering their hangar floors, epoxy coatings are consistently mentioned. Hot tires stick to concrete, but not epoxy coatings. Engine work causes drips and spots, but not on coated concrete. Explains one pilot: “I have had an epoxy floor in my hangar going on 9 years now and it still looks new.”

Why Use Epoxy Coatings for Hangars

The larger the hanger, the more difficult it is to maintain sufficient lighting for night work. And since a lot of work takes place under the plane, ceiling lighting is often shadowed by the plane itself. Epoxy topcoats provide noteworthy light reflection, making it easier to lighten the working locations in a hangar.

Hangars are also substantially enhanced by planting safety markings and parking lines right into the floor surface. This makes sure such informational labels remain strong and easy to see. A variety of bright and vibrant colors are provided to guarantee your hangar space is as safe and effectively used as possible. West Coast Epoxy also offers the ever important option of adding a non-slip coating to your epoxy floor coverings. That way, stormy weather will not affect the grip in your hangar space.

You want your hangar space to look just as good as your plane! Epoxy topcoats go a long way towards creating the look you need, with color-matching selections to meet your needs. For more information and to schedule a visit, contact West Coast Epoxy over the phone or online today!
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