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Epoxy Flooring For Commercial Kitchens in Citrus Heights, CA

Commercial Kitchen Floors

Plentiful commercial kitchens use tile on their surfaces. But a modern style in Citrus Heights is peeling off old tiles, exposing the concrete underneath, grinding it smooth, and laying epoxy coatings. Even so, certain people hesitate when considering epoxy topcoats in professional kitchens. So, we’d like to respond to some common questions about epoxied floors in kitchens.

Isn’t Concrete Harsh on the Feet and Legs?

The comparison between a concrete floor and other flooring types reveals only slight differences regarding comfort in kitchens. You are certainly not applying carpet in a kitchen! Vinyl may seem a little less demanding, but the contrast is ultimately only slight, and longevity is a challenge. Cork is one of the best surfaces for comfort but has considerable problems with cleanliness. Epoxy coatings can be produced with a sense of give by using specific forms of polyurethane and varying the height of the substance. If you use rubber runners in your kitchen anyway, the selection of flooring ideally should be determined by other factors.

Is Coated Concrete Simple to Maintain?

Epoxy floors have no seams or joints, so there’s no place for old food, bacteria, dirt, hair, or other contaminants to get trapped. There’s no grout to scour and scrub. Usually, all epoxy flooring needs for cleaning and maintenance is a good mopping. Adding coved flooring stretches the strength of epoxy topcoats up the walls of your kitchen from a matter of inches to more than a foot, protecting your floors and walls from spills and scuffs with delivery dollies and carts.

Isn’t Epoxy Too Slick for Kitchens?

It’s factual that shiny epoxy flooring in showrooms and retail stores can be slippery when wet, but their flooring focuses on appearance, not functionality. That doesn’t hold true when you implement epoxy coatings for a kitchen surface. By adding roughness or a no-slip finish to your epoxy coats, your surface can have more traction than ceramic tile or vinyl. In fact, many commercial or industrial kitchens in restaurants use epoxy coatings because they offer longer lasting anti-slip with the proper topcoat.

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Of course, you perhaps have other questions about epoxy floors in your commercial kitchen. West Coast Epoxy has the ability, expertise, education, and skill to answer them all honestly and completely. To get your questions answered, please contact our office by phone or use our online form to submit your questions, and we will provide a straightforward answer. We are happy to assist you in achieving the useful kitchen floor that you have always been looking for!
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