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Commercial Epoxy Flooring in Citrus Heights, CA

Commercial Epoxy FlooringEpoxy Coatings for Commercial Floors in Citrus Heights

West Coast Epoxy provides epoxy flooring for many different kinds of product storage buildings, commercial homes, and manufacturing sites. Every commercial project has its own requirements, based on the manner of business and the client’s needs. With considerable experience installing epoxy coatings for Citrus Heights businesses, West Coast Epoxy is equipped to match the right products and materials and techniques to your specific circumstance.

Where Should Epoxy Flooring Be Used?

West Coast Epoxy works with all kinds of concrete, from new concrete to old, cracked or stained concrete. The end result is always a smooth, customized business platform that fits your needs and budget. Consider some of the typical applications for commercial epoxy flooring:

  • Fitness spas use epoxy floors for lockers and bathrooms.
  • Medical facilities benefit from epoxy flooring for easier cleaning and maintenance.
  • Restaurants use covered concrete to minimize hazards in kitchen and storage areas with non-slip texturing.
  • Repair shops lay down epoxy coatings to prevent grease buildup.
  • Electronic companies appreciate covered concrete since it repels dust and promotes a clean working environment.
  • Epoxy flooring offers many different design options for retail and is an excellent option for storage areas.

Let West Coast Epoxy demonstrate its noteworthy experience with commercial concrete flooring for your company. Consultation requests are handled quickly and at your convenience. We encourage you to read our website to see how epoxy flooring can help your workspace stand out from competitors. Call West Coast Epoxy at 916-531-1874 or online.
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