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Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Carmichael, CA

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

When your Carmichael company is industrial, you require flooring that is secure and enduring. Many owners figure that ordinary concrete is such a surface, but repeated tremors, heavy loads, forceful impacts or damaging chemicals all create real stresses on a floor. This leads to flying chunks, fissures, grooves, and stains. By carefully studying the various demands placed on concrete by each industry, epoxy scientists developed coatings to protect floors from almost any challenge. As an experienced epoxy coating company in Carmichael, West Coast Epoxy is familiar with these solutions and has the necessary team to quickly treat new concrete, or to renovate and protect old concrete for industrial requirements.

What Industrial Epoxy Needs

Extra longevity is a common requirement for industrial level flooring. Such treatment demands the thickest applications of epoxy coatings. This usually leads to trowel grade epoxies that are created to be more durable. The advantage of such material is that it better withstands surface stressors and strengthens the top layer of concrete with tightly interconnected polymers that perform as a barrier to preserve the building’s floor.

Certain industries desire protection from chemical spills or vapors. Others need their concrete to be impervious to liquid and oil absorption. Still others require thoroughly pristine rooms, without cracks, or depressions in the concrete that can hide contaminants. Epoxy coatings can fix all of these challenges, based on the formulations used in the topcoat. West Coast Epoxy has the solution to keep your floors sanitary and preserved and protected from industrial operations.

Of first concern is the safety of employees and visitors to your industrial facility. Epoxy coatings create the opportunity to make colored zones and lanes of traffic that clearly mark out where people, materials and vehicles should and should not be on the work floor and in warehouses. Non-slip floors are a must for wet or oily areas and slopes become safer if covered with textured materials. Discuss your requirements for industrial floor coatings with West Coast Epoxy and they will provide the solutions and answers you want!

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