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Epoxy Flooring For Offices in Carmichael, CA

Office EpoxyView our gallery pages and you will note that West Coast Epoxy has provided epoxy flooring for various different types of office installations. Every commercial job comes with its own needs, based on the line of work and the client’s specifications. With much expertise applying epoxy topcoats for Carmichael and area businesses, West Coast Epoxy is equipped to match the correct product and procedures to your unique circumstance. Think about the following functions that come standard or can be applied to any epoxy floor.

Why Apply Epoxy for Office Floors

Commercial level epoxy flooring employs a thicker installation of the polymers that coat your concrete, compared to the typical home installation. Depending on the commonplace levels of foot and equipment traffic, the grade of coating and thickness are selected. Office coatings also require careful consideration of how the floor is used and what products or services the client provides, in order to lengthen the floor’s lifespan and make care simple. Epoxy coatings and protective topcoats can be applied with any of the following qualities:

  • Acid-resistance
  • Heat-resistance
  • Maximum water-resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Oil resistance
  • Slip resistance
  • Scratch resistance

During the consultation and quote step, West Coast Epoxy focuses on making the perfect use of your capital investment, while giving an inspiring office area and simplifying your future maintenance requirements.

Where Can Our Office Add Epoxy Floors?

To make a favorable first impression, many offices create striking entries using epoxy flooring. Hallways, lobbies, and waiting rooms are also ideal applications for epoxy flooring. For break rooms, bathrooms, or kitchen areas, epoxy flooring makes maintenance simple. If your company requires a clean room free of microorganisms and dust, epoxy flooring provides an unbroken surface that is readily cleaned and kept dust-free.

Trust West Coast Epoxy to provide you with office concrete coatings that are noteworthy. We provide consultations quickly and at your convenience and our estimates are competitive and honest. We encourage you to view the pictures on our website to see how epoxy coatings can help your workspace stand out from the competition. Call West Coast Epoxy at 916-531-1874 or contact us online for any size business in Carmichael and surrounding areas.
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