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Epoxy Flooring For Commercial Kitchens in Carmichael, CA

Many cafes in Carmichael have a concrete foundation for their kitchen flooring. Some proprietors have decided to renovate their kitchens by tearing out their vinyl tiles or flooring to uncover the concrete and install epoxy coats instead. Some diners currently being framed or renovated use epoxy flooring for their kitchens as the first upgrade. So, here is a list of ordinary inquiries about epoxy coatings in the kitchen in addition to their answers.

Rough Concrete Underfoot?

The comparison between a concrete floor and other flooring kinds reveals minimal differences regarding comfort in kitchens. You are certainly not applying carpet in a kitchen! Vinyl may look slightly less demanding, but the difference is ultimately very small, and endurance is a problem. Cork is one of the best surfaces for comfort but has considerable problems with cleanliness. Epoxy flooring can be created with a feeling of give by using specific kinds of polyurethane and changing the height of the substance. If you use rubber matting in your kitchen anyway, the selection of coating should be decided by other factors.

Kitchen Cleaning

Epoxy floors have no cracks or joints, so there’s no place for hair, dirt, bacteria, old food, or other contaminants to get trapped. There’s no grout to scour and clean. Ordinarily, all epoxy flooring needs for maintenance and cleaning is a mop. Adding coved flooring extends the protection of epoxy topcoats up the walls of your kitchen from a matter of inches to more than a foot, protecting your floors and walls from spills and scrapes with carts and delivery dollies.

Is Coated Concrete Too Slippery?

The coating on any concrete floor can be adjusted to enhance the traction. Certainly, a high gloss concrete floor like you see in a retail store or office building may be slippery and hazardous when wet, but in kitchens we don’t install the same topcoats as we employ in environments that prioritize appearance over friction. That does not mean that your floor looks industrial or commercial or feels like it is produced with grit. The science behind epoxy sealants is far beyond that and offers us many stunning methods of avoiding slippery flooring that are accepted by skilled building designers.

Request Epoxy Floors in Your Kitchen

Of course, you likely have other inquiries about using epoxy floors in your commercial kitchen. West Coast Epoxy has the knowledge, experience, and skill to answer them all honestly and completely. To get your concerns answered, please contact our office by phone or use our online form to submit your questions, and we will answer with clear information. We’re happy to help you in achieving the useful kitchen floor that you’ve always been looking for!
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