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Epoxy Colors and Textures – Brentwood, CA

Epoxy Flooring Colors and Textures

Epoxy flooring represents an amazingly attractive selection of individualized features. This includes patterns of many colors and various options for texture. You may also choose the intensity of shine, contrast or sparkle. After we lay down your options, West Coast Epoxy seals them in place with a clear topcoat that guards your Brentwood floor against scratching, wear and stains, and protects from weathering. Here are some short explanations regarding the most popular added options with epoxy coating.


Chips of solid colors spread in a randomized manner contrast with your floor coat – and you don’t have to stop with one type of flake. You can add flakes of various color combinations to further improve your floor, complementing your interior decor. Develop your selections based on sporting team colors, logo colors, or something perfectly personal. The choices are almost endless!
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Micas for Epoxy Floors

Color micas lend the style of granite, adding a metallic shine to the finish of the floor. Like color flakes, micas for epoxy floors are not limited to one color. For example, West Coast Epoxy can emulate the natural granite formations of your choice. Micas produce a festive atmosphere in any living space, room or corridor.
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Colored Granules for Epoxy Floors

If you require texture and color for your epoxy floor, granules are your best upgrade. Granules are colored particles that provide grip to inclined or slippery floors. If your concrete sees regular spills or has potential for slips and falls, granules offer an extra level of friction, and they do it in solid colors or color combos.
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Special Ordering Flakes, Micas or Granules

Browse our individual pages devoted to granules, flakes or micas to learn more and to see your many options. If you do not see a color you desire to use, ask us about special orders. Manufacturers are always updating their offerings and the combo can likely be found to your satisfaction.
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