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Warehouse Floor Epoxy in Brentwood, CA

Industrial EpoxyBrentwood warehouses are full of traffic — loaded carts, pallet jacks, forklifts, foot traffic, and more. The general warehouse features a concrete surface, but even that tough product wears into grooves after repeated flow along common paths. To help your warehouse foundation endure you need epoxy coatings! Epoxy is distributed in a multitude of color options and does more than just look great. Epoxy top coats also preserve and protect the substrate that lies underneath.

What Epoxy Flooring Offers Warehouses

West Coast Epoxy offers epoxy topcoats of various strengths and grades based on the requirements of our warehouse customers. For facilities that see massive types of equipment and substance, we provide trowel grade coatings. This is the thickest form of epoxy topcoat and provides the perfect protection for your concrete surface.

Added Options with Epoxy Flooring

Warehouses often have brand new and veteran employees, making safety functions critical for the advantage of your staff. Epoxy coats are simply adjusted to include secure stripes, instructional marks, and brand colors. Mark out safe zones, hazard areas, and product designation areas. Epoxy top coats are limited only by your creativity!

Coved flooring is another commonly requested choice for warehouses because of the frequency of dings and bumps on walls from the operation of carts, equipment, or lifts. By adding the epoxy coat a specified extension above the ground and up the surface of the walls, you protect and preserve both the walls and floors from damage. This reduces your cleaning and maintenance costs and improves the style of your workplace.

Epoxy Flooring for Brentwood from West Coast Epoxy

For more information about what West Coast Epoxy provides for epoxy coatings in warehouses, contact us online or on the phone. Inquire about our customizable options designed to meet the needs of your company. With many offerings designed to boost the safety, quality, and durability aspects of your floors, West Coast Epoxy is here to assist you to have and more efficient warehouse.
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