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Colored Micas

If you desire natural-looking epoxy flooring, choose color micas. Mica is a common mineral in many California mountain ranges, lending shininess to granite and other stones. It comes in various natural color groups and splits well into thin layers that are broken down into a variety of sizes. When applied to an epoxy floor, color micas give it the style of granite, all in the colors of your option. They simultaneously offer a metallic luster that makes your concrete floor glisten with beauty.

Advantages of Color Micas

As a mineral, micas bring more plusses to your epoxy flooring, including:

  • Various color combos
  • Avoids weathering
  • Strong chemical resistance
  • Natural metallic brilliance
  • Inherent toughness

Many clientele in Blackhawk choose a mica combination that appears like the granite formations near their work or home, creating a look that fits in with the local environment. Others select a look from their hometown stones. Whatever color and texture you appoint for your concrete flooring, adding the twinkle of micas brings a new level of beauty to your homes and businesses, without extensive costs.
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