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GarageFlakes of Color!

Color flakes are exactly like their name sounds — solid flakes of color to complement the primary color of the epoxy floor. We can use one color to create dual-tone custom flooring, or you can inquire about multiple types of color flakes and help imagine a personal mix.

The Pros of Color Flakes

From cleanrooms to carports and garages, color flakes provide an aesthetically pleasing, textured feeling to your floor coating, complementing any decor. They are offered in a plentiful array of color combinations, and also in a range of diameters from 1 inch to as small as 1/32nd of an inch in diameter.

Some pros of adding color flakes to your customized synthetic coating include:

  • color flakes conceal substrate imperfections;
  • they give various blending options;
  • color flakes are ultraviolet light-resistant;
  • they can add a slight texture to the floor to reduce slipping.

All these choices in size and color are customizable, allowing for varieties limited only by the imagination. The design can represent your company’s color scheme, your favorite sports team, your favorite colors, or even your preferred season.

Investigate different designs and colors here on our website to help you decide on the perfect color flake combo for your concrete flooring. You can also specify a free consult from West Coast Epoxy to benefit from our years of experience providing satisfying floor designs. We can help you locate the perfect colors to let your Blackhawk garage or work area bring out the best for your business or home.
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