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Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Rancho Cordova, CA

If your Rancho Cordova business is industrial, you desire concrete that is safe and strong. Many people figure that common concrete is such a surface, but repeated tremors, big loads, sudden impacts or caustic chemicals all cause real stresses on a floor. This leads to missing chunks, cracks, dust, and staining. By carefully thinking about the different stresses placed on concrete by each industry, epoxy scientists invented coatings to protect foundations from almost any challenge. As an experienced epoxy coating installer in Rancho Cordova, West Coast Epoxy is familiar with these solutions and has the necessary team to effectively treat new concrete or to renovate and protect old concrete for industrial requirements.

Specific Demands of Industrial Epoxy

Extra longevity is a common requirement for industrial-grade flooring. Such treatment calls for the thickest applications of epoxy coatings. This usually leads to trowel grade epoxies that are meant to be extra durable. The advantage of this material is that it better withstands surface stress and strengthens the uppermost layer of concrete with closely interconnected polymers that perform as a barrier to protect and preserve the building’s floor.

Chemical protection is another concern, depending on the type of industry. By adjusting the ingredients of an epoxy mix, coatings are produced that endure the harshest bases or acids. Other formulations protect against solvents or oils. Explain your concern and West Coast Epoxy has an industrial solution!

Safety in industry is essential to preserve life, health and productivity. Safety also limits costs. Epoxy coatings are offered in a wide range of colors to clearly mark out safety zones, transit lanes and work areas. By laying permanent striping, patterns, symbols and hues, West Coast Epoxy delineates the entire factory in a helpful way. Safety may also necessitate non-slip floors. We can do that, based on how we apply the topcoat. Trust our experience to make your industrial floor a safer, better place for employees and visitors.
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