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Color Micas

Found throughout the mountains of the globe and California, micas are a common mineral. Certain micas are specific to certain geographic locations, presenting a natural variety in color and luster. They offer a gentle shine to the rock formations in which they are embedded and can do the same for an epoxy floor. Micas also provide a granite-like texture and add a refined sheen to the chosen color combo. The end products are a natural appearance with a subtlety that easily appeals to the eye.

Advantages of Color Micas

A few of the pros of employing color micas include:

  • their natural origin makes them ultraviolet light stable and colorfast;
  • mica has remarkable chemical resistance;
  • metallic luster is a prominent feature of colored micas;
  • it is exceptionally resilient and durable;
  • they are offered in multiple hues.

To choose a colored mica scheme for your epoxy floors, check out our blends, solids and custom combinations. West Coast Epoxy always makes certain that our clients in Orangevale and Northern California have plenty of chances to pick just the pattern that agrees with their specifications before laying down this beautiful, natural form of flooring decoration.
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