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Sometimes your floor’s texture is just as important as its style! This is often the case for spots like pools and spas, professional kitchens, gym floors, and wet or oily areas. Colored granules joined to epoxy floors offer better traction and they lend added safety without significantly increasing the maintenance of the floor. Other benefits of color granules include:

  • Extreme scraping and solvent resistance;
  • Ultraviolet stability;
  • Perfect for residential, commercial, public, and industrial areas;
  • Many sizes offered for customizable textures;
  • Modifiable to fit any floor design.

Use our site to view the possibilities with colored granules for epoxy flooring. If you are undecided, West Coast Epoxy has a number of samples to help you choose the best style and texture for your Martinez epoxy coating. Feel free to call us or schedule a consult at your residential or company property.
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