Color flakes are exactly like their name sounds — solid flakes of color that complement the principal color of the epoxy floor. We can use one color to create two-tone custom floors, or you can ask for multiple kinds of color flakes and help create a personal mix.

Why Add Color Flakes?

It is perfectly acceptable to only use a solid color for your epoxy floor, but many clients enjoy the dimensionality and depth created by employing flakes in the design. They provide texture and variability to the space. Along with these features, color flakes offer the following benefits:

  • Flake combinations blend in with multi-hued color designs.
  • Flakes vary in shape or size — from one inch to as nano-sized as 1/32nd inch in diameter.
  • Color flakes are UV resistant.
  • Flakes do not need to compromise a flat finish.
  • Random flake patterns mask imperfections in your concrete floor.

Clients use a variety of principles when selecting their color flakes, such as preferred colors, creating a seasonal feel (summer, fall, winter, or spring), team colors, camouflage, or select complimenting colors using the color wheel — many options are offered with color flakes and colored epoxy floors.

Use the West Coast Epoxy website to narrow the choices and ask to examine samples during your consultation visit. Selecting the right color combination for your concrete flooring is important to us. West Coast Epoxy wants to live up to our name in Martinez by providing the color flakes of your choice for concrete epoxy floors!
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