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Epoxy Flooring For Commercial Kitchens in Fremont, CA

Various commercial kitchens use tile on their surfaces. But a modern fashion in Fremont is peeling off old tiles, uncovering the concrete underneath, grinding it smooth, and applying epoxy coatings. Even so, certain people hesitate when considering epoxy topcoats in professional kitchens. So, we’d like to address common worries about epoxied flooring in kitchens.

Hard Concrete Underfoot?

Some are concerned that a concrete floor will be too harsh on their joints and feet, perhaps causing distress while stationary for the extended periods needed during a restaurant shift. In fact, epoxy flooring can help to lessen this situation. With West Coast Epoxy, you can choose different levels of thickness and rigidness for your epoxy coats to help with reducing vibration and shock. With the proper specifications during installation, your epoxy floor can be better and safer for your feet and joints than boring concrete or tile possibilities.

Kitchen Cleaning

A professional color stained or epoxied concrete floor has a polyurethane sealer that is essentially just as protective as the sealers we implement on garage flooring and service areas with heavy traffic. Carts won’t scrape it. Liquids cannot stain it. Falling tools won’t leave an impression. When it comes to resilience, endurance, and ease of sanitation, coated concrete typically comes out on top.

Are Epoxy Floors Okay for Work?

The clearcoat on any concrete floor can be adapted to upgrade the traction. Certainly, a high gloss concrete surface like you see in an office building or retail store may be slick and treacherous when wet, but in kitchens we don’t install the same coats as we employ in environments that prioritize appearance over traction. That does not mean that your floor looks industrial or commercial or feels like it is produced with grit. The science behind epoxy sealers is far beyond that and offers us many beautiful methods of avoiding slippery floors that are accepted by skilled building designers.

How Can I Get Epoxy Flooring for My Kitchen?

Of course, you perhaps have other inquiries about using epoxy flooring in your commercial kitchen. West Coast Epoxy has the knowledge, expertise, and skill to answer them all truthfully and completely. To get your questions answered, please contact our office by phone or use our online form to submit your questions, and we will respond with clear answers. We’re happy to help you in achieving the useful kitchen floor that you’ve been looking for!
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