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Concrete Polishing in Fremont, CA

Concrete PolishingWhen you want your concrete to look shiny, look no further than the concrete polishing techniques from West Coast Epoxy in Fremont. We use the latest concrete technology to stain, polish, and then protect your brand-new colored concrete floor.

The Concrete Polishing Process

Here are the usual steps employed when polishing concrete:

  • Grinding – A strong grind of the present concrete prevents blemishes and guarantees the floor sealers stick permanently. We use top quality industrial vacuum machinery to collect the dust produced during the grind.
  • Leveling – Areas with faults or cracks are refloated to the same level as the rest of the floor providing an equal and solid foundation.
  • Staining – The concrete floor is infused, not just coated, with a color stain of your choosing. Stains can be heavy, covering the concrete grain, or translucent, allowing patterns in the concrete to show through like polished wood.
  • Clear protective layer – Floor sealants applied on top of the polished floor fill the pores and bring out the impressive gloss. These clear sealers bond to the smoothed-out surface with great strength, creating a floor that is very low maintenance. For areas where heavy traffic is normal, we lay down a thicker coat of protective sealers to compensate.

Once concrete polishing is completed, your glass-like, colorful floors are thoroughly protected from wear, scratches, and stains. Clean up is easier, needing far less care than linoleum, carpet, or wood. West Coast Epoxy offers concrete polishing for floors in homes, businesses, and industrial warehouses of all kinds and sizes.

If you want to discuss the selections for adding an enduring, shiny surface to your concrete floor, please connect with West Coast Epoxy in Fremont, or use our online form to request a free inspection and quote.

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