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Found throughout the mountain ranges of the Earth and California, micas are a common mineral. Some micas are specific to certain geographic areas, lending a natural variety in color and luster. They offer a gentle shininess to the rock formations in which they are embedded and can do the same for an epoxy floor. Micas also provide a granite-like texture and add a rich sheen to the chosen color combination. The results are a natural style with a subtlety that readily appeals to the eye.

Benefits of Colored Micas

As a mineral, micas bring added advantages to your epoxy floors, including:

  • Micas are available in multiple color combinations.
  • They avoid UV light damage.
  • Micas have a strong chemical resistance.
  • They have a natural metallic brilliance.
  • Micas are extremely durable.

Many clientele of West Coast Epoxy in Alameda choose a mica combination that appears like the rock formations near their work or home, designing a look that fits in with the local environment. Others choose a look from their hometown rocks. Whichever texture or color you appoint for your concrete flooring, adding the twinkle of micas brings a higher level of beauty to your businesses and home, without extensive costs.
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