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Moisture Remediation in Fairfield, CA

Although tough, concrete is in truth porous. Water can be wicked up by concrete and flow through it. Along the way, the water dissolves salts in the concrete and carries them to the surface. After this water reaches the surface and dries, the salts are left behind. This creates the unsightly white material that often forms on concrete called efflorescence. To prevent efflorescence, you need concrete moisture remediation.

If you see joints or cracks in your floor that do not completely dry, this points to a significant cache of moisture beneath your slab. Some people attempt to cover up the issue with ceramic tiles or inexpensive epoxy. Without a proper sealant, however, the water finds its way through, resulting in loose tiles or coatings that bubble and peel away. Then the problem becomes worse and more costly to repair.

What to Do About Ground Water

Some moisture problems are serious enough that in addition to sealing the concrete, you additionally need to take other actions outside the building. But if the problem is just in the concrete, our epoxy sealing technique is enough to waterproof the concrete so that you can confidently install ceramic tile, carpet, laminates, or wood floors.

The moisture remediation process benefits a concrete floor of any age and is fast enough to prevent costly delays for planned renovations. If you have any worries about moisture remediation during your renovation or building project in Fairfield, please give West Coast Epoxy a call or schedule a free consultation online.

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