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Coved Flooring Systems in Diablo, CA

Floors with CovesSome areas of a property require regular liquid washing or frequent mopping. Others see considerable splashing of liquids due to processing, cooking or manufacturing. When moisture soaks into plaster, it creates damage with time. Thankfully, West Coast Epoxy offers an option that stops fluids from penetrating walls — coved flooring. Coving spreads the epoxy floor coating up the wall, allowing for a continuous surface from floor to wall. Like the lip of a plate, coving keeps liquids from sliding “out of bounds.”

Benefits of Coved Floors

Coved flooring not only protects your walls, but it makes them look wonderful too! These applications are simultaneously an effective protectant for plaster or drywall that is regularly scuffed or bumped by lifts, carts, or equipment. Coving thus keeps your walls looking new!

For inquiries about coved flooring, please call West Coast Epoxy, or request a free consultation online. Our team is ready to discuss how coving helps beautify and protect your workplace or home. Consistent, quick service is offered in Diablo every week of the year.
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