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Your Custom Coatings Connection

At West Coast Epoxy, we pride ourselves on the wide variety of colors and finishes that we provide, enhanced by flakes, micas, and granules. Adding to the variety is an endless combinations of features that make a floor exactly to your liking. We also offer concrete polishing, stain and finish options to accommodate any concrete floor in nearly any condition. Using these great materials and our professional team of applicators, West Coast Epoxy brings vibrant life to dull, concrete slabs.

With such a wide variety of options, some clients find it difficult to narrow down their decision. Others just can’t seem to get the exact color combination they want by only looking at online swatches. If that happens, we are ready to help by offering our extensive experience with color combinations, presenting real samples, and listening intently to your ideas and concerns. We take extra time to research and match your request, helping you find just the right look and feel for your concrete floor. After all, with our high quality components, your new floor will be with you for a very long time. That’s why we want to make sure you get exactly the right combination of materials, colors and textures in your custom coating.

Looking for Patterned Concrete Floors?

Whether you are thinking of epoxy flooring, concrete coloring or staining, overlays, or anti-slip finishing, you can make your floor stand out by adding personal or business patterns. We can apply a marbled look, a metallic luster, or the appearance of sea foam, lending a sense of depth and grandeur to simple concrete. We can even apply a sign, logo or family crest, making the floor uniquely yours.

When Safety is a Concern

Along with exquisite workmanship and appearance, we also offer options to address safety concerns. For instance, we can add coved flooring to protect walls from spills, or an anti-slip finish for areas that often see liquids or moisture. These choices help you to enjoy your beautiful floor without worrying about it or others.

Whatever design concept you want for your concrete floor, West Coast Epoxy has the materials to make your idea into reality. We’d love to make your concrete floor stand out for all to enjoy — or perhaps even envy. Please give us a call or schedule a consultation online so we can discuss your vision.

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