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Concrete Polishing

Concrete PolishingSometimes you need more than a concrete overlay. Sometimes you want more than a mere change in color or texture. Sometimes you want your concrete floor to shine, reflecting your professionalism like a mirror. West Coast Epoxy can certainly stain and seal your concrete floor, but we can go even further and give a glass-like shine to it with concrete polishing.

Here are the typical steps involved when polishing concrete:

  • Grinding — A strong grind of the existing concrete eliminates imperfections and ensures the floor sealers attach permanently. We use top-quality industrial vacuum equipment to remove the dust produced during the grind.
  • Leveling — Areas with cracks, faults or other issues are refloated, overlaid, or otherwise brought to the same level as the rest of the floor. This makes sure the polish is completely even.
  • Staining — Your concrete floor is infused with a color stain of your choice, along with any requested patterns. Stains can be heavy, obscuring the “grain” of the concrete, or light and translucent, allowing the natural patterns in the concrete to shine through like polished wood.
  • Clear protective layer — Floor sealers are applied over the polished floor to fill the pores and highlight the fabulous gloss. These clear sealers bond to the smooth surface with great strength, creating a floor that is very low maintenance. For areas where heavy traffic is expected, we apply a thicker coat of protective sealers to compensate.

Once concrete polishing is complete, your brilliant, colorful floors are well protected from scratches, spills and chemicals. Cleaning is easy and requires far less care than wood, carpet or linoleum. West Coast Epoxy provides concrete polishing for floors in residential homes and commercial or industrial facilities of all types and sizes.

If you would like to discuss the options for adding a durable, reflective finish to your concrete floor, please call West Coast Epoxy or use our online form to request a free inspection and quote.

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