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Simple Upkeep for Strong Epoxy Floors

Placing an epoxy coating over your concrete floor in Folsom has several benefits. For instance, it adds durability, safety, protection, and aesthetic improvements. But just like any other floors, epoxy floors get dirty and need to be cleaned. Of course, the level of cleaning required depends on the circumstances, but it generally takes less effort to clean an epoxy floor than it does bare concrete or other flooring types.

Routine Maintenance for Epoxy Floors

A common broom or soft bristle brush is all that’s necessary to sweep up dust and debris from an epoxy floor. The smooth yet resilient surface of the epoxy allows for easy collection. A dry dust mop is even easier — not only does it cover more surface area at once, but many versions offer a gentle polish as it removes dirt particles and debris.

Liquid Spills on Epoxy Floors

Since epoxy coating is liquid-resistant, you never have to worry about stains or spills seeping into your floor and causing discoloration. The spills are easier to clean up with absorbent materials. And coved flooring helps to corral the spill in one location, keeping it from traveling under drywall and into other rooms. Of course, the longer a spill is left in place, the more likely it will dry to an unpleasant residue. It’s always best to clean them up quickly, and epoxy flooring makes that task a lot easier.

Heavy Cleaning for Epoxy Floors

Even with routine maintenance, a home or work floor still requires an intense cleaning session occasionally. Heavy cleaning with epoxy floors is fortunately simple. Carpets and other flooring require things like encapsulation, hot water extraction techniques, or specialized chemical treatments. An epoxy floor merely needs a thorough vacuuming for loose particles, and then a mop with water and about five ounces of ammonia to wipe out any stubborn residue. Don’t use acid-based treatments like citrus cleaners or vinegar!

Epoxy flooring not only protects your concrete floor, but it can also protect you by making allergens, dirt and debris easier to remove. Also, adding a no-slip finish to your epoxy floor adds protection for your employees or guests. West Cost Epoxy can even add a softer, forgiving nature to your epoxy coating, which lends a cushion to your step while still protecting your concrete floor and making any upkeep simple.

To learn more, simply fill out our online form to receive a free consultation in Folsom where we can discuss the best ways an epoxy floor will benefit you. Or if you prefer, give us a call at 916-531-1874 and we’ll happily give you the lowdown on any aspect of epoxy flooring!

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