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Secure Foundations for Folsom Epoxy

Close-up of a jagged crack running through a textured grey concrete foundation, indicating structural damage or wear.

Nestled between the Sierra Nevada foothills and the Sacramento Valley, Folsom offers a wide variety of terrain to live and work. In fact, when you visit Sacramento’s Capitol building, you can see a darker granite along the western façade. That granite came from quarries in Folsom. Even though Folsom has strong bedrock foundations in many areas, time and weather can move even the most stubborn of stones. A strong slab of concrete eventually develops cracks, dips, or other insecurities that compromise its stability. Since epoxy coating serves as a protection for concrete, you might think that it could resolve uneven concrete easily. Unfortunately, that is simply not the case. These issues need repair or replacement before you get an epoxy coating.

Faults in Concrete foundations

Have you ever attempted to spread fruit jam or mayonnaise on a slice of bread that broke into two pieces? Of course not. If you spread that “spread” over the break, it’s going to make a mess by oozing through the crack. It’s similar with an epoxy coating, which is applied as a thick liquid. Spreading epoxy over a large open crack results in the epoxy pouring down into the crack, not over the top and making a bridge between the concrete. It’s not meant for repairing major damage or filling large gaps. The damage to the concrete must be repaired first.

The same holds true with uneven concrete. Have you ever seen large puddles in the middle of an outdoor tennis court on a rainy day? Those puddles form because the concrete is uneven. Can you guess what happens if you apply an epoxy coating to that tennis court? You get puddles of epoxy. Once it cures, the concrete protection is uneven, filling the dips instead of evenly coating the concrete. We need to make sure your concrete in Folsom is even before applying epoxy coating.

Other issues with concrete might not be as noticeable. For instance, if the concrete was mixed improperly before it was originally poured, it might not be hard enough. Applying epoxy to soft concrete will not prevent pieces of the concrete from breaking loose, flaking off, or otherwise losing integrity under the coating. Chipping or peeling of the epoxy itself eventually could occur. Again, this emphasizes the importance of starting an epoxy installation with a solid substrate.

As one of the best epoxy coating companies available in Folsom, West Coast Epoxy simply cannot allow our customers to suffer bad results. So, we make sure to inspect and verify the condition of your concrete. If there are any issues that need to be addressed beforehand, we explain the circumstances to you and ensure you understand what steps need to be taken before you benefit from an epoxy coating. Many of these issues we can handle ourselves.

Residents and businesses in Folsom want to stay for a long time. That means they need solid ground that will be there for a long time. A resilient concrete foundation protected with an epoxy coating is a prime way to make sure you keep benefitting from what Folsom has to offer, and it gets to benefit from you!

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