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Restrictions for Adding Epoxy to Concrete Floors

A small easel stands against a bright yellow background, holding a sign with a bold red prohibition symbol, indicating a message of restriction or a warning against certain actions.

Oh, that terrible word — restrictions. In recent months, the entire Sacramento region, including Roseville, has become all too familiar with restrictions — especially with subjects like what businesses can be open, and for how long.

What About Concrete Restrictions?

In a similar way, when concrete floors are in a less than workable state, you are restricted from adding epoxy flooring until the issues with the concrete are addressed. What are some problems that lead to restrictions?

Uneven concrete — epoxy spreads in a fluidic state. If applied to uneven concrete, it could pool in dips or depressions. Epoxy is for coating concrete — not leveling it out! It’s important to treat the concrete floor first, making sure that it is as level as possible. West Coast Epoxy uses grinding appliances and other equipment that can help to even out concrete, but significant issues require a resurfacing treatment first. Once the concrete floor is reasonably flat and level, it’s ready for epoxy.

Cracked concrete — time, weather, and shifting foundations often bring cracks to concrete floors. Some concrete cracks are merely superficial, and West Coast Epoxy grinds them down during the preparation process. But epoxy coating cannot fill in or cover large, uneven cracks. That type of damage needs to be repaired before an epoxy coating is applied.

Soft Concrete – if a concrete slab is not new and uncured, it cannot accept an epoxy coat. Sufficient time needs to pass for the concrete to dry and the floor to strengthen. This time varies depending on the concrete mix, the temperature when the concrete was laid and during its curing, and the humidity of the surrounding air. West Coast Epoxy can examine the floor and give an estimate on the amount of time necessary for the drying process to finish.

When people think of the city of Roseville, they ideally think of professionalism and reliability. Businesses in Roseville want their visitors to be confident in their services. A great looking epoxy floor helps to instill that confidence. In that respect, Roseville residents and businesses appreciate the restrictions we use to determine where and when our epoxy coatings get applied.

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