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Protecting Roseville Concrete from Damaging Moisture

Concrete surface with beads of water demonstrating how epoxy coatings can protect concrete.

Concrete is a strong, durable, reliable substance. Because of these properties, you’ll find it in many areas of Roseville. It’s commonly used for sidewalks and building foundations, but it’s also used for recreational areas and floors for homes and businesses. But things can change with the passage of time. Gradually, repeated contact with water can make a concrete floor start to lose it’s solid surface and to even show stains. And although Roseville isn’t known for having abundant rain or dampness, underground moisture exists and often works its way up to the surface, meeting the concrete from below. This too produces dangers for your concrete. Here are a few examples.

  • Rust – a concrete slab has a skeleton of steel rebar, but this isn’t stainless steel. Enough moisture soaking in from above or below causes the steel to rust, reducing the tensile strength of your concrete.
  • Cracks – freezing temperatures cause water to expand. In freezing weather, any moisture in the seams and fissures of your concrete builds pressure. Eventually, something gives way, and it’s usually the integrity of your concrete. The result is cracks on the surface of your concrete, which allows more moisture to penetrate the slab.
  • Mold – moisture also invites mold. Mold can grow anywhere with enough moisture to keep it from drying out. Many people have allergic reactions to mold, so reducing its growth potential is vital to the health of guests, workers or residents.
  • Leaching – minerals in concrete leach to the surface in the presence of moisture. This produces white stains that can also contain the iron oxides of rust. These stains are very unsightly and when rust is present indicate corrosion is starting to affect the slab.

Epoxy Adds Protection to Concrete

To avoid these circumstances, its important to treat your concrete with a protective barrier, one that seals off the pores, fissures, and cracks from any surface moisture. An epoxy coating over your concrete provides that barrier. West Coast Epoxy also specializes in helping you protect from moisture underneath your concrete, preventing an attack from below. To find out more about protecting your concrete in Roseville from water and moisture damage, please contact West Coast Epoxy by phone, or use our online form to schedule a free consultation.

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