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Water and Concrete

Water may be an ingredient for concrete, but once the concrete is set, there the relationship must end! Concrete is a strong, hard material and staying dry is necessary to maintain that strength. Infiltration by liquids makes it far less resilient. That is why preventive measures are so important, like surface sealers from West Coast Epoxy that keep aboveground moisture from seeping into your concrete floor.

Why Waterproof Concrete?

Rust — Cement, sand and rock provide compressional strength for concrete, but tensile strength comes from steel rebar or wire grids acting as a skeleton. That metal is vulnerable to moisture. When concrete dries, it becomes porous, allowing moisture to eventually make its way through to the steel skeleton. If the steel begins to rust, the stability of the concrete is compromised. Rust stains on the surface are also an ugly possibility.

Cracks — When water freezes, it expands, and the slightest imperfection becomes a crack in the concrete. Northern California often reaches freezing temperatures in the wintertime, so this is a common problem. Once a crack starts, it’s like an open mouth for any surface water, leading to more damage.

Mold — Water collects in depressions on concrete floors. If left to stay, that water invites mold. Molds and other types of fungi can even make a home inside the concrete, creating an unseen — and practically unreachable — allergen farm.

Leaching — It’s not just what goes down, but sometimes what comes up. Over time, the salts in concrete make their way toward the surface. Moisture assists the process. When salts contact the surface, the result is an unsightly stain.

The solution for all of these problems is twofold:

  1. Before laying your concrete, make sure that water in the soil is prevented from percolating up from the bottom.
  2. Seal the top of your concrete with epoxy sealants applied by West Coast Epoxy.

Given that many people inherit the concrete on their property from previous owners, the only option available to you may be the second one, so go with it!

Helping Your Concrete Last a Lifetime

Concrete has a good amount of staying power, but that power is not infinite or unbeatable. To protect your concrete and keep it intact, contact West Coast Epoxy for a consultation. We examine your concrete floor, determine the best options for protecting it from moisture, and discuss all those options with you. We offer color and texture options, so it looks as good as it protects. Contact us over the phone or schedule an appointment here on our website.

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