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Even More Variety in Roseville

It’s amazing how much choice and variety Roseville has to offer. You want shopping? The Galleria mall for starters, with the Fountains shopping center right across the street. You want to haggle instead? Denio’s Swap Meet – rain or shine. Need medical attention? Two large hospitals with many specialist offices in convenient locations. You want golf? Well, are you looking for minigolf, amateur, professional or practice? Roseville has them all. Are you hungry? A simple Google search will prove the nearly endless selections of cuisine. Antiques, nature trails, model trains, museums – even a speedway! Whatever you might have a hankering for, Roseville has something to offer.

With such a wide range of variety in things to do and ways to meet your needs, it makes sense that West Coast Epoxy provides their products and services in Roseville. After all, many people consider their drab concrete floor unsightly, sometimes covering it up with carpet, vinyl or wood flooring. However, West Coast Epoxy not only offers much better resolutions to your concrete floor, but each of our options have a wide variety of customization themselves.

From the Ground Up

If you just want the basics, West Coast Epoxy provides a concrete overlay to even out or level up concrete surfaces that have seen years of wear. We also offer concrete stains and polishing that add vibrance to your concrete floor, stairs, walkway or garage. We can match the color of your home or business, or even something that merely compliments your landscape, but in doing so we give your concrete a layer of protection along with a better look.

More than that, we also offer epoxy coating. Epoxy coating adds a resilient layer of material over your concrete floor, protecting it from moisture, scrapes and gouges, and we can add a non-slip finish to protect individuals from falls and slips. Coved flooring extends the epoxy coating beyond the borders of your concrete floors by twelve inches or more, providing a barrier to contain any accidental spills without damaging your walls.

However, the real versatility of epoxy coating shines with its customized look and feel. We not only change the color to your choice, but we can add color flakes, micas, and granules in nearly any combination to make a floor that looks like no other in Roseville. We can adjust the texture to provide stronger grip or a softer surface, and we can even add logos or emblems to your flooring. We can even install a floor that represents your favorite sports team, so you can really show off your colors!

Take It from Us – we know concrete

Whatever you are looking for, Roseville has something to accommodate you. Likewise, whatever way you’d like to improve and protect your concrete floor, be it commercial or residential, West Coast Epoxy has an almost infinite line of arrangements to choose from. With such an immense range of variety available, it might be hard to choose just the right look. Thankfully, our team has years of experience with analyzing concrete floors and their environments. We can help determine the best application for you as well as what combinations would best suit your wants and needs. Contact us today for a complimentary quote.

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