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Custom Coatings for the Folsom Area

The Folsom Area continues to expand, and rightly so. Conveniently located right next to Highway 50, Folsom offers tasteful designs of innovative homes and business locations. It offers unique terrain with two lakes nearby, and plenty of rolling hills – some barely gradable, others reminiscent of downtown San Francisco. Folsom succeeds in keeping a hometown atmosphere while offering the latest amenities of modern civilization. It’s no wonder that so many people, from the Bay Area to across the country, are finding their way to Folsom.

That’s why West Coast Epoxy offers customization to concrete floors in the Folsom area. Your needs for a waterproofed or non-slip floor might have been in place at your old business location, but you might need the same in your new one. Or perhaps you miss the color scheme of the concrete walkway from your old home, or maybe you’d like your new garage to reflect your unwavering loyalty to your favorite team or driver. There’s even a current trend of custom homes using concrete floors with epoxy coating exclusively. West Coast Epoxy can help with any of those.

Make Your New Place Yours

With concrete staining and polishing, we can adjust the color and shade of your concrete stains, walkways, garage floors, and more. Even a slight adjustment can enhance the vibrance of your home décor or add a subtle compliment. We can apply a marbled look, a metallic luster, or an aquatic motif to your concrete floor.

With epoxy flooring, we offer a huge assortment of textures with micas and granules. Add to that our wide range of colors, and you have an almost endless variety of combinations for your concrete floor. Perhaps you’d like the number of your favorite driver displayed. West Coast Epoxy often installs logos or emblems into the floor, so they don’t peel away or fade. Or, maybe you’d fancy a mirror-like finish to your garage floor, so you can see under your car easier. How about a texture that matches your front landscape, or maybe you’d like a “Folsom Prison Blues” theme? Customizing the look, feel and color of your concrete floor is a great way to make your home or business uniquely you.

Safety Additions

Your circumstances, whether business or personal or both, might require your concrete flooring to be protected from spills, slips, or corrosion. Thankfully, West Coast Epoxy offers coved flooring that extends up the walls and corners, creating a containment barrier for any spills. Adding a non-slip finish stops family members or employees from injurious slips and falls. We offer textures that provide a softer surface to your concrete, to make your floor easier to walk – or fall – upon.

The Folsom area has much to offer, and so does West Coast Epoxy when it comes to concrete flooring. Our gallery provides a sample of our work and designs, but there’s so much more that isn’t shown. Please give us a call or schedule a free consultation online. Let’s discuss how our custom coatings can meet your needs.

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