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Consistent Colors in Roseville

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When you get an epoxy coating for the concrete floor at your home or business in Roseville, you likely don’t want the same color or texture as the concrete itself. (There are customers who like the texture and color of concrete, and for you we recommend concrete polishing or concrete staining.) Many of our clients want to improve, impress, or even dazzle with their concrete floors.

Due to the size of the average project that most Roseville customers request from West Coast Epoxy, more than one batch of epoxy is required to effectively cover, seal and protect their concrete floor. If those batches are not the same exact color shade, the difference becomes apparent and part of the final product. That’s why it’s vital that the batches are the same shade. How is this accomplished?

Colors — See the Difference?

You might think that a computerized process of identifying color with a high-end camera might be the best way to keep consistency. At times, computer models assist with determining color variation, but history shows that no current computer is as effective or accurate as some human eyes. Then again, not all eyes can determine slight differences in shades of color. To help figure out whose eyes are best for this task, a doctor named Dean Farnsworth came up with a way to test how individuals see colors. Dr. Farnsworth started by testing for color blindness, but as his research developed, he designed what is now called the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test. This test uses 88 tiles, each a slightly different shade or color. To pass the test, a person must arrange the tiles in proper order, showing a progressive shift from one shade or color to the next. When placed in the correct order, it shows that the person can distinguish between different shades.

Industry standards say that a person who can pass this test with ten errors or less has enough ability to differentiate color changes so they can work as “color control operatives.” Only a few people reach these high marks consistently. Those individuals get hired by companies who need to verify the difference between no color change and slight changes.

Do you have this ability? Is there some place you can go to determine how well your eyes see color differences? Well, you can take online tests based on the 100 Hue test from the comfort of your Roseville home. In fact, sites like and offer the test. Seeking a job that requires this ability will likely require you to take the test and receive official certification.

Enjoy the Results of Matched Colors!

To make sure your epoxy stays the same consistent color across the floor, we only work with suppliers that regularly check for slight color changes. Even if your chosen pattern is meant to shift colors, we make sure it doesn’t skip any shades along the way. As you can imagine, our staff is well-qualified to discern differences in color!

For more information about this process or examples of how an epoxy sealant brings color and protection to your concrete floor in Roseville, please give West Coast Epoxy a call or schedule an appointment online.

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