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Concrete Solutions in Folsom California

Whether you’re looking at a warehouse, office building, or workshop, you’ll find concrete all over Northern California. But while other places are happy to leave their concrete floors bare or exposed to the elements, home and business owners in Folsom seldom settle for the mundane. Residents of Folsom customize, enliven, and enrich their surroundings with uniqueness. Sometimes it helps them stand out, other times it makes them feel at home, and on occasion it’s just to do something different.

West Coast Epoxy offers a variety of products and services that take concrete from “just okay” to “extraordinary!” Whether you want to add safety and protection to your entire warehouse floor, or you want to enhance your garage floor, our experienced team is ready to meet your needs for epoxy coatings in the Folsom area.

Concrete Epoxy Service in Outlying Areas

California is a decent-sized state, measuring about 770 miles long and 250 miles wide. That’s a lot of area to cover, so it stands to reason that the further out from Sacramento we go, the more limitations on project size might come into play. Thankfully, Folsom is only about 30 minutes away from Sacramento, which means it doesn’t take to much time or effort when it comes to travel. So in Folsom we are generally willing to do smaller epoxy coating jobs. When we arrive at your address, we’re always upfront with our estimates during our consultations so you can be sure of when the project will be completed and the price.

Further Than Folsom

Once people see our finished work, many request our services. If the project is feasible, we are more than happy to do the install, even in neighboring states. So, when your guests and customers pay you a compliment on your custom floor, feel free to spread the word. It might be that you’re starting a trend, and West Coast Epoxy is happy to help you do it!

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