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Stubborn Oil Stains – The Epoxy Solution

Modern home exterior at dusk with a wooden facade and warm lighting, featuring a driveway leading to an open garage showcasing three luxury cars: a bright orange sports car on the left, a silver luxury sedan in the center, and a black sports car on the right. A Ferrari logo is visible on the wall above the black car.

Most people like a garage floor that’s pristine, free of any blemishes. While a few prefer the look of a garage that’s well-used, it doesn’t mean they like rampant oil stains across the floor. And therein lies the challenge – if you park or work on your vehicles in your garage, you’ll sooner or later have oil stains making their mark on your concrete floor.

For many residents in Roseville, the idea of a spotless, well-organized garage or workspace is a worthwhile goal, but it’s often marred by that common culprit: persistent oil stains. These dark blemishes overshadow the charm of any space, marring a meticulous area with an eyesore. And while cardboard and kitty litter solutions might work for a time, they’re hardly permanent fixes. Effectively combat these stubborn stains with epoxy coatings!

Understanding Oil

Concrete is porous. These tiny pores allow oil to seep deep into the concrete, creating those dark, unsightly patches. The longer an oil stain sits, the deeper it penetrates, making it exceedingly difficult to remove, even with grinding. Additionally, these infiltrated oil molecules disrupt the bonding of any material with the concrete. So, simply slathering on a layer of epoxy to cover the stain doesn’t solve the problem, as poor adhesion can result. As a result, you’re often left with more issues than you started with.

The Two-Pronged Approach

Before West Coast Epoxy installs a protective epoxy coating over your concrete floor, it’s important to get rid of oil stains. Fresh stains are typically easier to remove. For newer, surface-level stains, West Coast Epoxy uses high-quality cleansers to remove them. These specialized solutions break down and extract the oil components, ensuring a clean slate in the concrete so the epoxy application bonds properly.

To neutralize deeper, older stains in concrete, a different tactic is needed. Recognizing the permeating nature of oil stains in places like garages and workspaces, the epoxy industry innovated. Specialized primers, designed to bond with the oil molecules, were eventually developed by expert researchers. Once this primer is applied to an oil stain, it effectively locks onto the oil molecules themselves, preventing them from interfering with the subsequent bonding of the epoxy coatings to the concrete floor.

Reimagine with West Coast Epoxy

But it’s not just about the functionality; it’s also about the visual appeal. West Coast Epoxy doesn’t just ensure a strong bond between the epoxy and your concrete. We also offer a multitude of aesthetic options by using a myriad of colors and finishes like flakes, granules, and metallics. When our many variations in colors, textures, and patterns couple with your imagination, you’ll find the perfect look and feel to suit your taste.

The Ultimate Defense Against Oil Stains

Take away the persistent threat of oil stains! With West Coast Epoxy, there’s no reason to compromise between functionality and aesthetics. When you get tired of the temporary fixes for oil stains and are ready for a long-term solution that’s as stylish as it is effective, consider the transformative power of epoxy coatings! Give us a call or schedule a free onsite consultation using our online form. Let’s redefine the beauty and durability of your concrete spaces by protecting them from oil stains!

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