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Epoxy – A Roseville Concrete Solution

In 1905, rail facilities in Rocklin moved to Roseville, taking advantage of a “junction” where two railways met. Within three years, Roseville’s population increased to over two thousand. In the 1950’s, Roseville’s population extended eastward and grew even more. Now with over 130-thousand citizens, the city has plans to grow west, all the way to the Placer County borderline. Then the City of Roseville will support two hundred thousand residents with homes, businesses and infrastructure — almost half the size of the city of Sacramento!

What does all this growth indicate? Well, wherever you have a community in California, you have concrete. You’ll find concrete everywhere in Roseville — from sidewalks to homes to warehouses. But even with different shapes and patterns, most concrete looks pretty drab. Thankfully, West Coast Epoxy has a wide variety of solutions for “boring” concrete! Perhaps you’d like a sealant on your shop floor. Or maybe you’d like the walkway in front of your house to match the new paint scheme on your walls. We help many homes and businesses in Roseville stand out with epoxy coatings, colored concrete staining or concrete polishing.

Helping Roseville Set the Standard

By calling West Coast Epoxy, your Roseville home or business has a greater opportunity to benefit from the safety, aesthetics, and customization options presented by quality concrete coatings. We further invigorate your concrete floor by offering color flakes, micas, or granules for epoxy coatings. The resilient, durable finish provides a barrier against wear and accidents, and the nearly endless set of decorative color combinations gives your floor a chance to dazzle.

Finding the Best Epoxy Solution for You

Our experienced staff is ready to discuss how you’d like to improve your concrete! We analyze your project, its surroundings, and take note of all the important factors. We carefully consider your input and provide you with some options. Once you decide on a design, it’s only a matter of days to weeks before your concrete is ready to amaze all onlookers. Of course, the sooner you schedule an appointment, the sooner you can benefit from the expertise at West Coast Epoxy. Please give us a call, or schedule a free consultation online. We look forward to providing solutions for your concrete in Roseville.

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