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Crazing in Concrete

As you travel through the Sacramento area, you’ve likely seen large cracks in concrete. This is often a result of the ground settling underneath, shifting the concrete slab’s foundation until it compromises. But what about a network of tiny cracks in concrete, like an obscure spider web?

This network of fine, random cracks in your concrete is called crazing. Its appearance reminds some people of Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing pottery by enhancing cracks and flaws in the surface. Is crazing dangerous to the integrity of your concrete?

What Causes Crazing?

Crazing develops within the first week of a concrete mixture’s placement, and typically do not become visible until after the concrete is dried and set. If the water in the concrete mixture evaporates too quickly, the surface tends to shrink unevenly. This results in the formation of these cracks. Other contributing factors include:

  • Humidity and seasonal temperature
  • Intermittent wet curing and drying
  • Sprinkling cement on the surface to dry up water
  • Uneven balance of aggregate settling at the bottom

Thankfully, these cracks are superficial. Because they are rarely deeper than 1/8th of an inch, they do not compromise the structural integrity of the concrete, and seldom affect durability.

Covering Crazing

West Coast Epoxy offers polishes, seals and epoxy coatings that cover over crazing. In fact, as part of the preparation work, we grind your concrete floor. This often minimizes the crazing so it’s less noticeable. Especially with epoxy coating, you can choose a color, pattern or texture that will completely eliminate any remaining crazing from view.

But what if you like that Kintsugi look? No problem! We inlay the pattern of your choice into your epoxy coating, so you can have a perfectly authentic Kintsugi pattern in your floor. You can choose a traditional gold, silver or platinum color, or suit it to your taste with a personal color choice. If you’d prefer a granite pattern, a seafoam wash, or a combination of micas embedded into your epoxy coating, we’re happy to accommodate. The only limit to how your epoxy coating looks is your imagination!

If you’re having trouble visualizing what your floor will look like as compared to crazing, please take a look at some samples in our gallery. You can also mix and match variations of samples during your free consultation. We’d love to show you how West Coast Epoxy can improve your concrete floor over that crazed look. Please give us a call or use our online form to schedule an appointment.

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