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Unbelievable National Use of Cement and Concrete

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According to the United States Geological Survey, U.S. portland cement production increased to 87 million tons in 2020. Industry research firm IBISWorld reports that there are over 12,000 people employed in the cement manufacturing industry. But cement is only an ingredient of concrete. IBISWorld also reports that there are over 450,000 people in the US employed in the concrete industry as of 2022. All those workers pour their time and effort into concrete production, delivery, and finishing, making a $55 billion industry in the United States.

Concrete is Ready to Go

Understandably, the biggest demand is for ready-mix concrete, with the water, aggregates, and cement already made into a paste. This is the kind of concrete transported in concrete trucks or trailers, with the spinning drum keeping the concrete from setting. It’s a staple for residential and commercial building projects throughout the entire continent, beyond the United States. Ready-mix concrete covers about 75% of concrete use in the US, making foundations, bridges, steps, parking garages, and other structures.

Along with ready-mix concrete are the bags of concrete you can find at your local hardware store. This is typically quick-set concrete, which not only comes with the cement and aggregates already combined, but the ingredients are adjusted to set and cure quickly. This concrete is often used for repairs to ponds, walkways, steps, and other fixtures, or for do-it-yourself projects. There is also a portion of the industry that focuses on things made from concrete, such as highway dividers, park benches, and even sculptures.

Concrete Does Not Need to Be Plain!

You can often take a walk down the road and see many different examples of concrete in use, from sidewalks to security posts to entire buildings. In fact, most buildings use concrete for their floors as well as their foundation. Concrete floors, walkways, steps, patios, driveways, and other surfaces give us a sturdy surface under our feet, but those surfaces are not indestructible. They need protection from stains, gouges, corrosion, and other damage. The best way to protect your concrete is with epoxy coatings from West Coast Epoxy.

With years of training, skill and experience, West Coast Epoxy knows how to apply epoxy coatings to your concrete. We specialize in epoxy coatings, but also offer sealants and polishes. We also offer a wide variety of customizations to make your concrete floor unique. By adding metallics, micas, granules, color flakes, or specific patterns to your epoxy coatings, your floor will be in the style you choose. While your concrete is just like that owned by millions of others, your floors will look like just what you wanted!

To find out more about customizing your concrete floor, epoxy coatings, or other forms of concrete floor protection, give West Coast Epoxy a call or schedule an appointment online. We’ll set you up with a free onsite consultation and explain the best way to make the most of your concrete floor.

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