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Introduction to Polyaspartic Coatings

You may not know the term polyaspartic coating. If so, you are not alone. Your cellphone’s autospell function probably doesn’t know it either! An Internet search provides little help, defining it as “a protective layer of aliphatic polyurea applied by spraying, painting or plastering.” So, what is polyaspartic coating, and what does it have to do with concrete floors?

What is a Polyaspartic Coating?

In short, a polyaspartic coating is a protective layer applied to surfaces as a liquid, which then hardens into a solid to prevent corrosion or erosion. It is very durable and resistant to temperature changes. About thirty years ago, the German chemical company Bayer developed this material. It was first employed as a protective coating for steel and found great success in harsh environments.

As it continued to gain adherents, the substance was modified for use in other applications. For instance, a polyaspartic coating was applied to a bridge overpass in Connecticut to help it survive brutal winters. Over ten years later, the coating was entirely intact. Polyaspartic coatings were applied to fifty railcars and resulted in better protection from weather and corrosion for much less cost than traditional methods. Today, the public may be familiar with polyaspartic coatings as truck bed liners and tank coatings, and eventually they were adapted for use with epoxy coatings on concrete floors.

Your Epoxy Floor’s Best Friend

Polyaspartic coatings work very well with epoxy floors, providing a resilient and protective topcoat for the installation. They cure in very little time (a matter of hours or less), and they can be applied in hot or cold temperatures. Polyaspartic coatings are clear or may have pigment applied for color variations. They are UV protective and continue to prove their versatility in any environment or weather condition.

Do you need a polyaspartic coating added to your epoxy floor? The best answer is to discuss the issue with the experienced professionals at West Coast Epoxy in Sacramento. We consider all the facts, the size and scope of your project, and we are always honest and candid with our suggestions. Please fill out our online form to schedule a consultation or call us so we can discuss whether a polyaspartic coating is right for you.

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