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Concrete Polishing vs Epoxy in Folsom

Take a drive through any commercial, business, or residential area in Folsom and you will see a wide variety of architecture. From historic remodels to modern marvels, each establishment develops its own unique structure and personality, adding to the diversity of the growing community in Folsom. West Coast Epoxy is happy to add options to such diversity. We offer concrete polishing and epoxy coating to Folsom residents. But which one would be best for your Folsom floor?

Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing seals a layer of protectants into the top of your concrete floor. The protectants seal in your concrete from the elements and make it easier to clean. Before that happens, however, we grind the surface of your concrete to make it smooth. When we apply the polish, your concrete shines!

Even though concrete polishing does a great job protecting your concrete from weather, it offers little protection from heavy wear and tear, abrasion, cuts or gouges. Polishing is a great option for office floors or home applications – especially since you can add colors and patterns to the final product. If your Folsom location needs something that offers a bit more armor, however, epoxy coating is the best choice.

Epoxy Coating

When your concrete floor is susceptible to heavy traffic, slippery floors, spills, falling equipment, chemicals, moisture, or strong vibrations, the best option is epoxy coating. This procedure adds a layer of durable, resilient, impact-absorbing epoxy to your concrete. With coved flooring, epoxy coating can reach up the walls more than a foot to contain any liquid spills. When you add no-slip treatment to your epoxy coating, it protects you and your visitors from losing your footing. It’s the best option for kitchens, industrial workspaces, medical labs, and mechanical garages.

Epoxy coatings also provides aesthetic value by adding color chips, textures, and patterns to your flooring. You can even have your company logo embedded into your epoxy coating or provide numbers and arrows for directions to visitors. Do you have a favorite color, banner, or sports team? You can add those to your epoxy coating to show your spirit.

Still Not Sure?

With is so much diversity and variety in Folsom, West Coast Epoxy is happy to offer an almost infinite variety of options in protecting and improving concrete floors. If you’d like to see some examples, take a look at our gallery and imagine the possibilities. If you’d like more information, feel free to give us a call. If you’d like to mix and match different ideas or receive a free consultation, fill out our online form. Let’s fine-tune your options into the perfect application for your concrete floor in Folsom.

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