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Sealing the Deal Properly

Wherever you go, you find concrete flooring — in businesses, shops, warehouses, malls, airports, garages, and even in living rooms. Every concrete floor is unique to itself, because concrete is used in many diverse ways. Therefore, it’s good to know that West Coast Epoxy offers products to protect and seal your concrete floor, so it can keep doing the job — or jobs — required of it.

But with different options to protect your concrete floor, which one is best? For now, let’s compare just two: Acrylic sealers and Epoxy sealers.

The Lighter Side of Sealers

Acrylic sealers are lightweight, typically used for coloring or polishing your concrete. They are made of large particles that spread out evenly when applied. Acrylic sealers are UV light resistant, so any added colors don’t fade. They are also water resistant. West Coast Epoxy, we can also add slip resistance to acrylic sealers for added protection against falls. Even so, acrylic sealers are best used in areas with minimal traffic due to their lesser strength.

The Heavier Side of Sealers

Epoxy sealers are made to take a pounding, among other types of wear. They are thicker, more adhesive, and significantly stronger than their acrylic counterparts. They not only offer protection from water, but also chemicals and other liquids. The epoxy mixture can even be adjusted or altered to match the challenges it will likely face from day-to-day. If large retail stores and airports prefer epoxy, rest assured that it will certainly protect your garage or home floor. Nevertheless, it might be more than you need for your circumstances.

Tailor Your Sealant

Which type of sealant is right for you, acrylic or epoxy? With all the contributing factors and options available, it might be difficult to find the right one by merely looking at pictures in our gallery. That’s why it’s a great idea to make an appointment with West Coast Epoxy. We take an experienced look at the location, status, shape and wear of your concrete floor, and then help you decide on just the right fit. We take into consideration how you use your floor and how often you use it, where it’s situated, and all the options available. We help you narrow down the choices until the toughest decisions are just the colors and patterns. Feel free to schedule an appointment online or over the phone, and we’ll help you make the right choice for your concrete floor in Sacramento.

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