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Reflecting Roseville’s Elegance

Travel anywhere in Roseville, and you’ll see a wide variety of architectural designs from a diverse pool of inspiration. One thing that nearly all the designs have in common is the use of windows. We get a lot of sun in Roseville, and we love to let it pour into our structures. But many buildings in Roseville have taken the opportunity to increase both natural and artificial light by looking at it from a different viewpoint: the floor.

Reflective Flooring

Depending on the source you find on the internet, adding a reflective finish to your flooring can increase the ambient light in a room as much as 300% – a huge difference no matter what time of day. Not only that but adding a pleasant sheen to your floor adds stylishness and professionalism to the room. In a subtle, rarely noticed way, reflective flooring makes a positive impression on visitors and patrons alike

What’s Involved in the Process?

It starts with a concrete floor. Our specialists at West Coast Epoxy examine your floor and discuss with you what style and what level of reflection you want. We can use a colored stain with sealer, a concrete polish, or even an epoxy coating to give your floor the proper level of protection as well as reflection.

After that, we prepare your floor. We do this through our grinding process. An untreated concrete floor is flat but has microscopic pores, nooks and crannies that don’t work well for reflection. We grind the surface of the floor to make it smooth, and it results in a satin finish. If that’s all you want, we can seal it in. But most customers want much more. Additional passes with finer grinding pads produce a semi-gloss finish with more reflective undertones. With even finer grit, we produce a high gloss or even a finish that rivals a mirror!

Shedding More Light on the Subject

Your choice in sealant, finish or epoxy will ensure the level of reflection you want stays that way. At times, these final touches enhance or soften the reflection. Let us know how much shine you want to see, and we’ll take care of the rest. In the meantime, please peruse our gallery for various examples of reflective flooring. We can add patterns and textures into the reflection, and even company logos for a result that really stands out.

To schedule a free consultation, or to get answers to any lingering questions, please give us a call at 916-531-1874, or you may contact us online. We’ll ensure the elegance of Roseville reflects in your home or business!

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