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Reflecting on Concrete in Folsom

There’s no denying the rustic beauty of Sutter Street at night, with its cozy streetlights and antique overhangs with illuminated storefronts. If you want to create mood with extra lighting, it doesn’t always have to come from overhead. With a concrete floor, the answer for my light might be “right under your nose!”

Working With What You Have

While you could increase ambient light by installing more lamps, that option also comes with the residual cost of using more electricity and paying for fixtures. West Coast Epoxy instead offers Folsom businesses the option of making better use of the light already available. How can epoxy and concrete add to the light in your room? We can apply a reflective finish to your concrete floor that increases the brightness of the room while creating an elegant, professional appearance.

What’s more, the level of reflection is customizable! You can choose how much light your floor reflects before we apply the finish. Maybe you’d like a soft, welcoming sheen as your customers enter a lobby. Or perhaps you’d prefer a brilliant, mirror-like finish to show off the underside of your displays or exhibits. Whatever the case, West Coast Epoxy modifies the level of reflection to suit your needs.

Getting to the Grind

After deciding which materials are needed to reach your goal, West Coast Epoxy determines now many “grinding passes” your floor requires. Each grinding pass increases the level of reflectivity. The first pass results in a reflection like satin paint. More passes with finer grinding pads produce a semi-gloss, then gloss, and then even a high gloss finish — all from concrete! With enough skill and grinding from our experienced technicians and high-end equipment, we can get your floor to a point where you’re practically walking on a mirror!

Illuminating Options in Concrete

With each level of reflection, more ambient light is reflected, increasing the amount of illumination in your facility. This indirect lighting adds vibrancy to your room, and both customers and employees benefit. But this service is not merely for businesses. Many homeowners enjoy this type of polished finish in their garages, kitchens, or foyers.

If you’d like more details on creating reflective concrete, a picture is worth many words! View our gallery here on our website to get a better idea of how concrete polishing works for any business, shop or showroom. When you’re ready, set up a free consultation here or give us a call at 916-531-1874. We’ll be happy to reflect more light on any questions you have!

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