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Oil and Concrete Can Mix!

A close-up of a dark viscous liquid, possibly oil, spilling from an overturned container onto a concrete surface, illustrating an accidental spill with a focus on the fluid's glossy texture and the contrast against the rough ground.

One reason many people look at improving their concrete floors with epoxy coatings is that they want to improve their garage. Specifically, they want to get rid of oil stains from leaky vehicles and engine repairs. While they clean up the oil spills as best as possible, different shades of blotches stay behind. These oil stains are unsightly and very difficult to remove completely. At some point, placing cardboard and kitty litter over the concrete just doesn’t cut it! Many of our Sacramento clients want a durable, easy to clean coating for their garage floor and they turn to epoxy!

Laying Epoxy Over Oil Stains

Oil that seeped into the concrete floor must be removed before laying down epoxy coatings. Where there is oil, you get poor adhesion between the epoxy and the concrete. That’s why it’s important to remove all stains before installing epoxy coatings. When the oil stains are deep, a quick grinding pass to prepare the concrete is not enough. If the stains cannot be removed physically, then we can remove them chemically.

Meeting the Oil Spill Challenge

Oil spills on concrete floors are so common that the epoxy industry developed primers to bond with oil molecules in concrete. By applying the primer to the oil stains, the oil molecules interact with the primer instead of the epoxy coatings. This allows the epoxy coatings to bond with your concrete without interference.

Therefore, the experts at West Coast Epoxy have just the right tools, experience, materials, and solutions to keep oil stains from causing a problem for your new epoxy floor. Using proven procedures, we make sure you get an epoxy floor that will protect your garage for a lifetime – and look great doing it! To find out how we can help you improve your garage floor despite oil stains, give our office a call. If you prefer, you can set up a free on-site consultation using our convenient online form. With West Coast Epoxy, oil stains never get the slip on us!

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