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Let There Be Light

Adding color to a drab concrete floor enlivens the room. Seal that color with a polished finish and it does even more by adding a glossy brightness. Humans are drawn to light. We respond positively to better lighting. So a brighter, more colorful room, whether from actual lighting or the reflection of light, creates a difference in mood for residents, workers, clients and visitors.

A Different Angle to Light

Adding a reflective finish to your concrete floor is an effective way to increase brightness in a room without installing more lights. The sheen of a reflective floor also adds an elegant, professional appearance to the space, one that impresses both customers and guests.

West Coast Epoxy can adjust how much gloss is provided, adjusting the level of brightness to your taste. The grinding process and the polymer materials we use determine how much light your floor reflects. Our first grinding pass gives your floor a reflection similar to satin paint. More grinding passes increase the finish to semi-gloss or even full gloss. Going a step further with finer grit, your floor can reach the reflective state of a mirror!

West Coast Epoxy wants you to get just the right amount of light for your home or business, so we discuss all the options with you during your consultation. To schedule a visit in Northern and Central California, use our online option or give us a call. We are happy to shed more light on the subject of epoxy floors, polished concrete and adding color with vibrant concrete stains.

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